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April 27, 2010 2 comments recently published a supplement on Spanglish. Many of the articles are in Spanish for those of you who read in Spanish, and there are also a couple of articles in English:

Codex Espanglesis

Viaje a través del spanglish: ¿fenómeno útil y creativo?

El Inglañol: inevitable, pero…

El Spanglish de los políticos hispanos

Spanglish: Una lengua en desarrollo

Por favor no Spanglish: La aventura de ser bilingüe

Spanglish: Entre costumbre y sabor hispano

Monólogo angelino: Dos hispanos se encuentran en la Plaza Pershing

El boyfriend de Laura

La misma moona

The Mestizo Tongue

Origin and Perspective of Spanglish (I)

Origin and Perspective of Spanglish (II)

From Yiddish to Spanglish: my life as an immigrant

The Spanglish of the cholo

El Spanglish National Anthem de Pedro Pietri

After clicking on each of the links, scroll to the bottom of the page below the links and you will find the articles!

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