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Honoring Martin Luther King

Today is Martin Luther King Day in the United States, a day to honor the legacy of social justice and racial equality espoused by Martin Luther King Jr. MLK’s theories are some of the foundation behind my commitment to provide access to quality bilingual education programs to Spanish speakers as well as native English speakers.

One bilingual program designed to integrate students of varying language, ethnic and racial groups is the Dual Immersion program. Dual Immersion programs integrate students with the goal of creating bilingualism and biliteracy in both language groups, as well as fostering cross-cultural respect and appreciation. Maybe if we continue to provide high quality Dual Immersion programs Martin Luther King’s dream of a more integrated and equality-driven society will be fulfilled.

Today I found the Martin Luther King speech “I Have a Dream” in Spanish. If you are a bilingual teacher, I think that it would be wonderful to also read the speech in Spanish. You can find the speech by clicking here.

I also found some really inspiring MLK speeches that can be immediately downloaded from Amazon and will download into either your itunes or media player. You can find them by clicking here. I wish that when I was in school, that one of my teachers would have played actual speeches from Martin Luther King, because in my opinion he is one of the greatest and most inspirational speakers that I have ever seen.

Keep up the good fight for quality bilingual education programs as well as effective instruction for diverse students!

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