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Online Math Support Resources

When I taught the fifth and the sixth grade, it was always hard for me to teach math because I hadn’t taken a math class since I was in high school. In high school I had taken a math advanced placement class that gave me college credit for math. It was always very difficult for me to teach many advanced math concepts because it had been a significant amount of time since I had taken math class.

I remember that many of my students’ parents would express similar frustrations with assisting their children with math. I tried my best to provide resources for the parents that might help them. These were the days before you could find anything and everything on the internet, and now parents have the luxury to turn to the internet for online math help in the event that they are unable to help their children.

Today I discovered Guaranteach, an online tutoring site that provides assistance and math help to students. They have a variety of videos for students or parents to use to clarify difficult mathematical concepts. The cost per month is $9.95 and they are also featuring a free trial option. Head on over there and check out the free fractions videos, as well as information about algebra help and algebra tutoring.

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