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Gracias el Pavo de “Thanksgiving”

My favorite Thanksgiving book that I used to love to read with my students was Gracias el Pavo de Thanksgiving. It’s translated from English, so that explains why the title has Thanksgiving in English. Nonetheless, the story is a heartwarming story about family, community and friendship.

The book is about a Puerto Rican boy named Miguel whose father brings home a turkey before Thanksgiving. The bird is supposed to be fattened up for Thanksgiving, but Miguel takes a liking to the bird and has the bird at his side at all times all over the town. He enlists his Abuelita and Tia Rosa to help him devise a plan to save the turkey’s life so that he is not eaten on Thanksgiving day.

I can certainly connect to this story because at one point in my life I was raised around baby chicks, and well, you know what eventually happens to those baby chicks. I can remember begging and pleading for their lives, but sadly I was never able to save them from the dinner table. For a long time I had a hard time actually eating chicken because of my connection with those little baby chicks. When I read this story to my students, many of them also made similar connections and had their own stories to tell about animals that they had connected with that were meant to be eaten, or in some cases just simply given away.

The book is available in Spanish, and also available in English. The English version has some beginning Spanish words throughout the book which would be excellent for students who are learning Spanish, or the English book could be a great supplement for English language development (ELD) time in a bilingual classroom.

You still have time to order this book and others about Thanksgiving for your children or students! If you order them on Amazon today, you can choose the one or two day delivery and they will be delivered tomorrow or Wednesday. Heck, even if they come on Friday or Saturday, you can have something to do at home to build biliteracy with your children while everyone else is waiting in those long after-Thanksgiving-sale lines. You can also find additional Spanish books that I have uploaded about Thanksgiving in the Multilingual Mania store.

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