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U.S. English Spreads Lies and Misconceptions About Dual Immersion Programs

Today I came upon a podcast from the U.S. English organization. U.S. English is exactly what it sounds like-a racist organization (who also uses self-hating token people of color) designed to promote English-only education and legislation. The podcast outlines the disadvantages of Dual Immersion education, programs which integrate English and Spanish speakers in order to promote bilingualism and biliteracy.

In the podcast, the representative makes a few statements about Dual Immersion that facilitate misconceptions about dual language programs. His racism clearly slips out when he discusses that the large number of Spanish-speakers in the United States is not a strategic reason as to why we should have Spanish-English programs. In other words he says what all good little racists propose, “Those people need to learn English”.

Before you listen to the podcast, I just want to remind you of a few things and address some of the misconceptions in the podcast:

  • There are many Dual Immersion programs that promote English and a language other than Spanish. There are many programs that build biliteracy in Chinese, Korean, French, etc. In order to have a Dual Immersion program, you need to have native-speakers of the target language within each classroom that serve as language models for English-speaking students. If there are few native-speakers of Chinese in a certain area, it is not feasible to have a Dual Immersion program.
  • At one point the speaker states that it’s “not fair” for a Vietnamese student to be placed in a Dual Immersion program and forced to learn Spanish and English. I just blogged yesterday about the fact that students are not arbitrarily placed in a bilingual education program. It’s always been a big lie spread by anti-bilingual education wackos that students are forced into bilingual programs and are not allowed out of the program.
  • The speaker states that by teaching two languages, Dual Immersion programs spend “less time” teaching Science, Math and History than other programs. Absolutely false. One of the main tenets of Dual Immersion education is that language is taught through content, meaning that students learn content (i.e. Science, Social Studies, etc) as they simultaneously learn English and the target language (i.e., Spanish, Chinese, etc).  In fact, due to the No Child Left Behind Act, many programs, including English-only programs, throughout the nation have restricted their programs to only teaching Language Arts and Math for the purpose of raising test scores. If there are any Dual Immersion programs that are being forced to restrict their instructional minutes to the exclusive teaching of Language Arts and Math, it is as a result of the pressure of standardized testing and NOT because it is a Dual Immersion program.  It has been my personal experience that Dual Immersion programs actually teach MORE Science and Social Studies than the traditional classroom.

Please listen to the podcast and spread the word about the lies that U.S. English is spreading about Dual Immersion programs. Please don’t think that this organization is not a threat to our Dual Immersion programs, because they are.

You can listen to the podcast here.

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