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Crashing and Burning

I think that I become too overly passionate about bilingual education. I internalize all of the struggles that we have to face as bilingual educators. It’s so emotionally difficult sometimes working within a system that does not often value multilingualism. It’s heartbreaking to listen to people who are against what I consider to be my value system.

It’s heartbreaking to constantly listen to people say that bilingual education doesn’t work. It’s demoralizing to view some of our very own bilingual educators who don’t even really believe in our programs. Yet sometimes it even hurts worse when people say nothing at all-but you can tell their contempt for bilingual ed by the sneaky little maneuvers that they pull that undermine our programs.

And I’m the type of person who keeps on fighting. Constantly. Fighting and fighting. I work non-stop and when I am not working I am still advocating in my free time. And then boom-I crash.

Last month I crashed and burned. I had two deaths in a two week period and had a personal issue that I neglected that later turned into a hurricane. My body and emotions just went out on me and I crashed from the feelings of being overwhelmed.

I’ve been talking with a couple of my friends who have been long-time advocates within the field of bilingual education and they’ve been telling me that if we don’t take care of ourselves that we will crash and burn and will be useless in the fight for the advocacy of multilingual education. It’s a tough world out there and if we don’t recognize that we sometimes have to stop plowing ahead for a rest break in order to recharge our batteries that we will just completely crash and burn.

And crash and burn I certainly did.

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