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I’m feeling a bit blue because one of our dear teachers passed away over the weekend. She was only 37 and it appears that she may have died of a heart attack. I don’t know all the details, but it seems that she has been complaining of symptoms that the doctor couldn’t diagnose. I’ve heard that she thought that she had acid reflux. I’ve read somewhere that heart attacks manifest themselves differently with women and that a burning feeling like acid reflux might be a symptom. It appears that she possibly died on Friday and wasn’t found until Sunday by her mother. As a single woman living alone, something like this has always been my biggest fear– that something could happen to me and no one would know for a while because they would just assume that I was busy, as I often am.

Sad and a big wakeup call for everyone to manage their stress and take care of their health. The world won’t be the same without her as she was a wonderful teacher.

Be back in a few days.

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