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Friday Finds

This morning this is what I have been reading on the internet:

Spanglishbaby- ReadMe: I Know the River Loves Me (Review of a new children’s book and giveaway opportunity)

Bilingual Readers- More Benefits of Reading to Kids

PapaedPief- Je Confesse, tu confesses, elle confesse (Confessions of a dad raising his daughter to speak french)

Learning the Language-Social Ascension in a Farmworker Family

What have you been reading that you find to be interesting? Feel free to post in the comments section so that other readers as well as myself can learn about interesting finds that others have made. Have a nice Friday

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  1. gustavo chavando
    April 2, 2010 at 9:38 pm

    Actually I am surprised. I have read a few of your pieces this early evening and they are so well written that I would had never thought you harbored selfdoubts about your ability as a writer. You told me once -almost a year ago- that you wrote short stories, but you never shared them with me. I hope you trust me and let me read them. I would really like to give you input.

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