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I’m Back and I’ve Got a Few Things on My Mind

confusedI have not been blogging much lately because life has been super busy and I also decided to take a much needed trip out of the country. I never take a vacation and this time I actually had to force myself to leave all of the technology at home and head to my favorite city in the whole wide world-Mexico City. Yay me!! Now I am back and I am ready to resume my blogging again.

I just started the blog not too long ago, and I am basically just writing about anything and everything that floats my boat regarding bilingual education at the moment. I don’t even really know who my readers are, but I have been noticing that I am getting a lot of hits on the site coming from other sites, but also coming from google searches. Apparently google has been picking up my posts. I feel a bit overwhelmed to say the least because I initially started the blog just to get all of my multilingual obsessive compulsive behavior out of my system. I really didn’t think that there was an online community of people interested in multilingual education, to be honest. I know that may sound naive, but when you are a bilingual educator you become used to always being ignored, silenced, and pushed to the side. I suppose that I also thought that bilingual and multilingual education was such an over-saturated topic on the net and that the search engines wouldn’t even touch my blog.

So I am overwhelmed when I see that the blog has been having so many hits. I have so many thoughts in my head. Who are all of the visitors and what are they all about? It’s strange to me because I don’t know who all of the visitors are: are they parents, teachers, etc? What type of information are visitors seeking? How candid can I be? What are visitors’ political orientations?

I ask all of these questions because I don’t know “who to be” on the blog. I initially started the blog as an anonymous blog. Why? For many reasons, I suppose. I wanted to tell some of my personal stories and I didn’t want anyone to be able to use anything against me. I also sometimes can tend to be candid and opinionated and a little “left-wing” and feisty and I didn’t want anyone out there in my work world to know who I am in the cyber world. I also am a humble person and I didn’t want to call attention to myself.

I’ve decided that I am going to be who I am going to be. Everyone in my real life knows exactly what my beliefs are, and I certainly am not the type of person to put a muzzle on myself, so why have I been hiding here? I’ve recently just semi outed myself by including my name on a certain forum somewhere on the net, so maybe I will start to be a bit more open here about my identity. Someday soon I will write a little more about who I am and what I do.

I’m going to begin to say what is on my mind, and if it one day offends someone then I apologize in advance. You see, I view bilingual and multilingual education as a consciously political act. To me it is much more than just building bilingual/multilingual citizens, it is more about strategically engineering a better world where all people can participate equally in society and have cross-cultural integration and love for other people. Becoming bilingual has the potential to transform your identity and view of the world. What I just said can be bothersome to some people because there are many people who unconsciously or subconsciously view bilingual and multilingualism as a social asset, something that gives them social capital to maintain their power and privilege in society. But to me it’s about social change.

Well, off to an early bed. Have a nice weekend!


Life Has Been Crazy

Life has been completely crazy over the past couple of weeks and I haven’t had a chance to blog. I’ve really had that itch though.

I just finished writing an English Learner Professional Development training module that we submitted to the state to be approved as a staff development provider for bilingual teachers. I really hope that it is approved, because I am not happy with the one training that is approved for bilingual teachers. I believe that there shouldn’t be a monopoly on the training provided to teachers. 

I’ve also been working on writing a FLAP grant to get a three-way immersion program started, a program that teaches three languages. I already have a headache!

I’ve also been working on a website that I am creating and I am really excited about the possibilities for it…

So, I’ll post when I can. I miss posting..pout!

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