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¡I *heart* bilinguals!

laughing1Am I supposed to apologize to monolingual people because I am bilingual? I didn’t think so.

Yesterday I visited a school with a dual language program and started talking with one of the office workers and the school counselor about the Dual Immersion program. They begin to complain about the former site coordinator of the program, how she used to “steal” all the great kids from the English classes in order to place them in the Dual Immersion program, how she would hold meetings only in Spanish and translate for the English parents (hmm, imagine that! lol), and many other complaints.

The complaint that made them the most angry was when she made a bilingual education t-shirt for the Dual Immersion parents and students. Apparently the shirt said something to the effect, “El que sabe dos lenguas, vale por dos”/”He who speaks two languages counts for two people”. They were so offended because the coordinator actually had the audacity to insinuate that bilinguals have an advantage over monolinguals. (Which they do, but I’ve digressed).

I just kept my mouth shut because I knew that if I said something obnoxious it would only make them angrier. 

I’m sorry that they have lived in Los Angeles, California for their whole lives and have not had the decency to learn Spanish. I’m sorry that they work in a school where over 80% of the population is Spanish-speaking and they have not bothered to learn a lick of Spanish. (Especially considering one of the them is being paid with supplemental English learner funds for tutoring). Am I supposed to be sorry for them? Well, I don’t. In fact, I’m laughing my ass off. It’s about time that monolinguals learn to feel the same sense of marginalization that bilinguals have always felt.

I warned you that I was obnoxious!

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