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Hello to All!

Hello all, this is my first post! I’ll start off by introducing myself, although I’m pretty sure that at the moment my thoughts as expressed on the blog will more than likely be read by few people. This blog is going to be a place where I am going to share my private thoughts about multilingualism, bilingual/multilingual education, and other topics over which I am obsessed.  This will be a refuge for me to blow off some steam, a place where I can explore issues that I am interested in and hopefully offer an alternative discourse to the field of multilingual education. 

Multilingual education has been my lifelong passion. I eat, drink and breathe bilingual education. My interests include late-exit maintenance bilingual education, Dual Immersion/dual language education, English as a second language, racism, and everything pertaining to the education of English learners. 

Lately I have become concerned because it seems that our bilingual programs in California continue to dwindle for reasons outside of our control. What has become particularly alarming to me is the lack of consciousness of bilingual educators, the lack of understanding of the struggles that we have faced as we have historically fought for the right for children to be educated in a multilingual manner. My blog is my small attempt to put out an alternative discourse to the mainstream talk of bilingual education as it is portrayed in the media and large advocacy organizations.

I would consider myself to be a radical educator dedicated to issues of equity and social justice. I firmly believe that all students, both English learners and native English-speaking children, have the right to become bilingual or multilingual. I also believe that students who are not involved in bilingual education programs have the right to a quality education, something of which they are deprived more often than not. Although I am an uncompromising bilingual/multilingual education advocate, I will also go to the end of the world for English learners who are enrolled in English programs. 

So here it is-my small attempt to make a little difference in the life of children. If my blog helps at least one person, then I will be happy. If you don’t like my ideas, then don’t read my blog. I reserve the right to engage in my constitutional right to express my opinion, and no one will silence me.

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